Chowdary & Rao

Chartered Accountants

     From the very beginning, the firm specialized in audit of  Corporates and loan syndication.

 In the early 90's, it acquired a great deal of reputation in the  audit of prestigious  Undertakings, including Export companies.

Our Experience
About Our Firm

Our Key Solution Benefits:


         Our Chartered Acountant firm is in practice in visakhapatnam since 1988 and  provides services  to  all level  of business entities. Our Consultancy Division offers a wide range of services in Tax Consultancy  and Tax Management in the field  of Direct and Indirect Tax Laws.

     Our firm maintains Qualified, well  trained and highly experienced staff.

A very selective recruitment process and substantial  investment in training ensures  that expert  knowledge is  supplemented by specialist  knowledge in one or more  areas and is broadened into  general  management skills  required for services in the  business environment.The firm employs evaluation methods for staff performance, and increments and promotions are made based on  proven evaluation  methods. 
     Our firm is committed to excellence in professional service, fully attuned to the  evolving needs of  the   commercial undertakings and growing with the times and  inspring recognition and respect.