Audit of Companies, Partnership firms, Trusts, Societies, Banks, Financial Institutions, Public Sector Undertakings, and Individuals, based on the provisions of the Companies Act, Income taxand other relevant Acts.

  • Appropriate stock control and stores procedures

  • Regular stock checks 

  • ​Compliance with internal operating procedures and guidelines

 Internal Audits

  • We provide our customers with comprehensive Internal Audit services which ensures reliable Internal control system.These services helps in minimizing different accidental or deliberate errors and omissions. 

  • Desgining Internal Control systems and Accounting systems.

  • Desgining Delegation of Powers and other critical policies and periodic verification of effectiveness and updation of the same.

  • Verifying whether the established policies and procedures are adhered to and reporting about deviations if any. 

  • Vouching of all books of accounts and submission of monthly reports.

  • Scrutiny of Receivables ledger, Payables ledger, General ledger and giving our comments thereon.

  • Verification of stores and stocks.  

  • Physical verification of stock, cash in hand, securities , fixed assets etc.

  • Verification of Employee Cost and related statutory compliances. 

  •  Verifying that all Government dues are paid in time and reporting deviations if any.

Statutory Audits

  • Main area of service of the firm is to undertake statutory audits of companies, corporations, Government Organisations, Banks- Nationalized, Cooperative Societies and Trusts.

  • We are Statutory auditors for more than 100 companies including public sector undertakings. 

  • Our Clients includes companies with a turnover of Rs. 10 Million to Rs.10 Billion.

  • ​Our major Clients are from Export Companies, Software Companies, Manufacturing Companies, NSE and Commodity Market Members, Port Services, Logistics, Infrastructure Services, Aviation Services, Construction, Hotels, Super Speciality Hospitals, retail chains, educational institutions and other service companies.


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