Chowdary & Rao

Chartered Accountants



  • Rendering advice on a wide range of issues relating to excise duty implications.

  • Providing the right guidance to enable clients to make the most of excise duty concessions and relief.​

 Wealth Tax

  • Filing of Returns

  • Assessments and representaiton

  • Refunds processing


  • Advisory services relating to various aspects of customs law and applicable regulations - covering rates of duties, exemptions, valuation planning, classification assistance and assessments.

  • Rendering advice on a wide range of custom procedures and documentation requirements, including those relating to import and export of goods, clearance of imports, warehousing, duty entitlements, to name a few 

  Income Tax

  • Direct and Indirect Taxation-consultancy.

  • Tax Planning.

  • Preparation of estimated statements of Income for calculation of Advance Income tax.

  • Preparation and filing (online and offline) of Income Tax Returns of companies, firms, individuals, Trusts etc.

  • To attend the hearings before Income Tax Authorities for completing the assessment proceedings

  • To draft and file the appeals and to represent the cases before appellate authorities.

  • Preparation and filing of quarterly and e-tds of Income Tax deducted at Source from Contracts, Interest  and Professional Fees etc.

  • Conducting Tax Audit under the provisions of Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.

  • Compliances with respect to the income-tax Act, 1961, Wealth-tax Act, etc.​